Christopher has been practicing massage therapy since 2003.

I help My clients keep their bodies the best they can be.

A bit of what My clients have to Say...

Olha Kushniryk

5 yellow stars

“Christopher is the best RMT I’ve been to! I visited many RMTs in the past and started going to him when I was pregnant. I was so lucky to find him! It definitely helped me have an easier pregnancy as I was seeing him consistently almost every week. He is very knowledgeable and genuinely cares about your wellbeing. You feel amazing after his massages and he provides you with lots of great advice on different stretches and exercises you can do at home. Not to mention, that he is such a nice person with great energy!”    Review

Simon Jung

5 yellow stars

“Sadly, Chris has set an impossibly high bar for other RMTs in my life. He had what I feel was the perfect balance between friendly yet professional; kind yet competent. He takes his practice very seriously and joyously, and his work, advice, and knowledge reflects this: firm but warm. It was an absolute pleasure while Chris had his practice in Vancouver.”    Review

Christina Hong

5 yellow stars

“Christopher is a fantastic RMT who is both super knowledgeable and versatile. I was struggling to find an RMT during my pregnancy that could help me relieve the tension in my body. After a session with Christopher I immediately felt better. I’ve been seeing Christopher since and could not recommend him more as an RMT for pregnancies, postpartum care and general maintenance! He is truly one of the best and your body will thank you.”    Review

Sandy Struss

5 yellow stars

“Christopher was my massage therapist for several years in Vancouver, and he was able to release and work through so many areas of stiffness/stuckness in my body – whether it was from the traditional back/neck/shoulder issues from sitting at a desk all day, to releasing my neck & jaw from stress, to digging into my calves to release tightness I couldn’t address on my own. He is remarkably strong, and I also appreciated that he is continually advancing his knowledge to seek ways to serve his clients better. He is committed to overall well-being of the individual, and gets the most satisfaction from being able to provide both relief and empowerment to the people he serves. I highly recommend him as an RMT practitioner!”    Review

What services do i Offer?

  • Customized treatment
  • Deep Tissue
  • Prenatal
  • CoAT Method facial techniques
  • Sports massage and stretching
  • Swedish or Relaxation
  • Self care Coaching
  • Referral to other practitioners you may benefit from
Massage therapist performing Prenatal Massage

First time getting a massage or first time visiting me?

Let me give you some answers to the common questions I get from new clients all the time.

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I love to write. And I love my job. So naturally I wanted to start a blog. I often find myself being the go to person for my clients for tips to maintain the progress we make in our sessions when they are at home. Now I want to share my knowledge with you!  As mentioned, I also just like to write, so you’ll eventually find a mix of professional and personal 🙂

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