Massage therapist performing Prenatal Massage

let me help align your body with where you want to go.

In case this is your first time visiting a Massage Therapist or even just your first time visiting me, here are some things you can expect from your visit.

I am pregnant, is it still safe for me to have massages?

Yes! I have been privileged on many occasions to have worked with regular clients from before their pregnancy and all the way through until postpartum and onward. There are necessary precautions to protect mom and baby to be, but massage throughout pregnancy can be both safe and beneficial. Depending on how far along mom is and the size of her fabulous baby bump, we can choose to use specialized pregnancy pillows that safely allow for face down massage, or we can work side-lying as well. We will always work within mom’s comfort zone and baby’s safety zone.

What do I wear?

Disrobing is always to the comfort level of the client. The use oil and Swedish/deep tissue techniques cannot be be effectively performed over clothing, but other techniques such as compression and some fascial techniques can be. Typically people disrobe and may choose to leave undergarments on or not, however as mentioned, I will always work within my clients’ comfort zones and accommodate all preferences. I am always conservative with draping and work the gluteals over top the sheets.

Will it be private?

Yes! All treatments are performed in a private room, one on one unless a client chooses to have someone else in the room as well. Anything discussed during treatment is confidential.

What type of services do you provide?

My massage therapy services vary with the therapeutic goals of my clients. I generally incorporate a variety of deep tissue, Swedish, range of motion, stretching, and fascial techniques (such as the CoAT method), to coax stress and tension from the body. I will blend these into a strong, yet relaxing flow for a good full body overhaul. For more injury-based treatments we will utilize whichever combination of techniques is appropriate. All treatments will be tailored to my client’s needs with a focus on educating and empowering them with exercises and home care to allow them to take better charge of their own health and wellness.

Can I use my insurance?

Yes! I am signed up to accept direct Billing with Blue Cross and with the providers partnered with Telus Health eClaims. For any other providers, you will pay upfront for treatment and can then use my RMT registration number provided on your treatment receipt to file a claim for reimbursement

How do I make an appointment?

Easy! Tap the bottom below to be directed to the booking page.

How am I managing the risk of COVID?

COVID-19 has impacted all of our lives. Massage therapy is an essential service and I adhere to strict hygiene protocols.

How you can get money back from your extended health benefits.

I am a Registered Massage Therapist which is commonly covered with extended health benefits.